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Healthcare Facilities

Sterval are currently offering validation and maintenance services to public healthcare facilities, and have secured contracts nationwide covering various types of decontamination equipment including Autoclaves, Washer Disinfectors, Ultrasonic Units, Bedpan Flusher Disinfectors and Endoscopic Units.

Clinics & Laboratories

We have seen a growth in this area in recent times with our flexibility to meet specific clinic and laboratory protocols.  From temperature mapping/monitoring to instrument calibration and process validation, our procedures and documentation can be tailored to all customer requirements.


2011 has seen Sterval meet demands from various catering facilities regarding validation and testing of dishwashers and associated equipment. Our inspection and testing protocols have ensured health and safety standards are being met, and our recommendations have allowed our customers to introduce vital cost saving initiatives.


Sterval are currently working with the dental sector providing tailored, low-cost validation and service packages.

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