Blue Medical

We have teamed up with Blue Medical (Netherlands) to supply an advanced range of sterilisation packaging and control solutions for CDUs. Blue Medical manufactures and supplies the highest quality sterile barrier systems, sterilisation and monitoring products. Our SMS wrap comprises two outer spunbond layers embedded in the middle. Our wrap is available in different colours and weights and cut-to-order sizes.

Healthcare professionals can see at a glance which products are reliable and which are not – they have so much experience and work with the materials every single day. We provide technical datasheets so they can compare products, but the best way to decide to switch to our solution, is for the CDU Manager to test it so they can see the results for themselves, in their own facility.

Every CDU has different needs, different workflows and every steriliser reacts differently. We work together with the customer, sharing our expertise and ensuring they are completely confident in their decision to switch to our solution.”

Monique Buijsman, Export Manager for Blue Medical

Blue Medical products also offer significant savings on existing competition. We will work with you to streamline your whole wrapping process from start to finish, reducing packing time and minimising the amount of paper being used. A recent trial with one of our customers in an Irish hospital showed savings of 36% compared to their existing supplier.