Technical Support

Technical Support

Since Sterval has started here in the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital they have not just provided solutions, their engineers bring a level of confidence and assurance that cannot be understated.

Sterval’s approach to work, flexibility and their understanding of the pressures that a busy CDU finds itself under on a daily basis has been outstanding. This has made our scheduling of works and working relationship a very enjoyable process to date.

As a hospital decontamination lead I am very pleased with how well Sterval has maintained and validated our equipment in accordance with ISO 13485.”

Trevor Duffy, The Mater Hospital, Oct 2018.


After Sales Service

Our customers enjoy peace of mind, with our exceptional support service, which is customised to their needs.

We understand that minimising downtime is crucial for our customers. You can always rely on us for a flexible, fast response, including out of hours service and troubleshooting by phone.



Our fully qualified decontamination engineers have for the past 10 years provided CDUs with validation, testing and inspection of sterilisation and washing-disinfection processes.

We are ISO 9001 certified and are recommended by our customers for our professional, efficient, honest and friendly service which is always reliable and unobtrusive.